Saturday, January 21, 2017

Nanoparticles of Aluminium and Alzheimer's

Just a coincidence, of course, that Alzheimer's is exploding and that nano-particles of aluminium have been sprayed into the atmosphere for the two decades! A lot of money to be made in us all being sick with carcinogenic fly-ash and nano-particles of aluminium, not to mention fluoride.

For those with an open mind, this interview is an eye-opener and from minute 45, he talks about geoengineering:

We would all do well to heed voices like Clif High's, instead of listening to the BBC. This is an interview absolutely packed with counter-intuitive information, which probably also happens to be true.

CH also mentions abiotic oil, which he says does exist, but agrees with Steve St Angelo that the issue is the cost of production - EROI again. Which hints at a future of slavery, does it not?!

Luckily NOT, because of EROI!!


  1. I heard that there's not only nano particles, but also nano bugs. Though it seems like microbes are outsmarting nano bugs, when will you come to get your kefia?

  2. Microbes eat nano particles too :-D