Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Tokenisation of the World

Very, very few people are keeping their eye on the ball. Yuuugge disctractions ensure that people's attention is dragged elsewhere, especially if they are hooked up to the television or wifi etc.....brain-deadening propaganda, or brain-deadening microwaves!

Meanwhile, quietly, stealthily, the money-lenders are getting where they want to be: buying up all of the planet's assets for pennies on the dollar (poor Venezuela!), and eventually - maybe as early as 2018 - pulling the plug on ALL fiat currencies, and moving over to the DLT.

Those who will have got in early enough - as usual those with inside information - will then control not only all of the finances in the world, and all of the resources but all of the people too - it will be impossible to step outside of the matrix.

See videos and interviews by Ken Dost for more on this.

Here Ms Zang lays out some of this agenda (pity about the interviewer), but you have to have been following this story for quite a few years, as I have, to see where they're going with this:

It ties in very neatly with James Corbett's video, posted earlier, on why big oil conquered the world, although I see a huge cross-over between bankers and big oiligarchs that James doesn't quite bring out. Don't blame him, probably trying to stay alive!

See also the film 'The Turin Horse' to see their ultimate objective:

PS Here's another interview with Ms Zang, with a more intelligent interviewer:

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