Sunday, October 1, 2017

They're Getting There

...towards a global currency, step by step, little by little. Someone once called it 'the totalitarian tiptoe', and that about sums it up. The Banksters are going to bring down the US petrodollar (I've written a lot about his already) and will be ready to put SDRs onto the DLT (blockchain) very, very soon.

Christine Lagarde is all over the media talking about it at the moment:

Date set for the dollar's demise is 1.1.18, which also fits in the the Economist's prediction of ....wait for it.....30 years ago!

(Who could have known, right?)

'Special Drawing Rights are posed to replace the dollar as the world reserve currency. They serve well as a unit of account due to lower volatility, can work well in international law as they have an objective measurement of value across multiple countries, and some countries have even started pegging their currency to the SDR due to increased transparency.'


Here's the Economist front page from 1988:

And another article about it: 

Gee, ya don't think all the chaos over the last 30 years was brought about by design in order to get us screaming for their already-created solution, do ya?

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