Saturday, December 23, 2017

Early Adopters

Any of these names appear familiar?

...and yet Max Keiser is trying to tell us that Bitcoin will destroy nation states and central banks......what is that, if not a recipe for the ...NWO, with the UN at its head!


  1. Lol, 2014 is not "early adopter" for bitcoin. I bought my first coins in June of 2011. I enjoy your commentary but you've got crypto wrong. The state actors want people to think they have their own blockchains but that's a contradiction. Please study the original bitcoin whitepaper in which the blockchain was invented and get your head around what it actually is. If it's not immutable and not permisionless it's not a blockchain. That said, as a technology currency is morally neutral so the state could use it for nefarious purposes--which makes it all the more imperative honest actors use it to pursue our inherent freedom. I'm really shocked at how some liberty-minded commentators are cowering in fear of something they don't understand.

  2. Thank you for your comment, and I must admit my mind is still open about the blockchain and Bitcoin in particular - I have actually invested in a small (losable) amount of it! I'll take your advice and look more into it. Have you heard of Edmund J Dunne? UK banker who allegedly invented DLT and Barclays tried to kill him afterwards - ring true?

    1. Never heard of him. First time I heard “DLT” was from Establishment frontman Jim Rickards. Interestingly Rickards was at first aggressively anti-crypto, then came around for a couple years only to return to his whole-cloth conspiracy. The search for an e-currency with the properties of gold was going on at least 20 years before hard drive capacity and “Satoshi Nakamoto” finally made it happen and he (they) gave it to the people. Of course the bankers will try to co-opt it (Blockstream itself may be an attempt at that) but the more I study the whitepaper the more I understand how it can’t happen if bitcoin scales on chain (bitcoin cash). It’s an incredibly simple and elegant system. Stash wallet/node has just been released which will allow totally pseudonymous interactions with supported blockchains. I expect the bankers at some point to short a hysterical bubble using the massive leverage available in the futures markets to turn people sour to crypto but the solid use cases around the world will persist. I view bitcoin as a utility not an “investment.” It’s as useful at $1 as it is at $1,000,000, though it is true that by around 2024 when the miner reward is 3.125 bitcoins if the price isn’t high enough to support the miners ($20k-$30k) without high fees the network will collapse. Who knows, it may not even be bitcoin that wins but what an amazing time to be alive to watch an actual market in currencies try to disintermediate the bureaucrats. The massive bureaucracies the bankers use to insulate themselves from the people could be their undoing as it collapses under its own weight. Cheers.