Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Plan

From A - Z, the marvellous, wonderful, intelligent and investigative Lynette Zang tells us the Plan of the financial wizards. It is soooooooo convoluted, complicated and conniving, but Ms Zang manages to lay it out very, very cleary for someone of average intelligence, so this interview is a must-listen:

For those with short attention spans or a complete lack of interest in economics, they will just have to be swept along in the coming mayhem. I reserve the right to stand aside when millions of lemmings go over the cliff, with the sad realisation that many people will be caught up in this chaos through no fault of their own. Sorry for them.

NB: Make no mistake, Trump's announcement to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem is ALL part of this Plan. Why? Because it helps along the narrative/script of "oh, the madman started off world war three, there was such a negative and violent political reaction to this news, everyone started fighting each other, then the financial markets failed, blah, blah, blah...".

This will be what will go down as 'history', although it is very, very far from the actual truth.

It also tells you WHO exactly is behind this Plan of a financial reset - it's really not that hard to connect the dots. 

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