Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Moneyless Man

Just finished reading this book, by Mark Boyle, and although it was pretty light on the philosophy, it still contained quite a lot of interesting information. He managed to live for a year without using money, and there's lots of useful contacts in it to help get you started, if this is an idea that appeals.

He points out what has become obvious to those of us who have been studying the criminal world of finance over the last few years: that all money created these days is actually debt and the increased use of credit and debt is one of the major causes of our awful environmental legacy: if people and corporations hadn't been able to borrow so much they wouldn't have been able to increase their consumption so much, which has in turn led to the resource depletion we see all around us today. If we had all had to live within the 'don't spend more than you earn' principle, the world would be a different place.

I also read an interesting article recently (can't remember where, New Statesman? New Internationalist?) which said for the Western world to reduce its carbon use by 80%, we would have to turn the clock back to........1972! Yes, it was only that recently that we use to live more-or-less within our means, and I remember it well! I remember when credit cards came in, hole-in-the-wall convenience banking, massive consumerism and in-your-face advertising all started. And now look at the mess we're in. Although I haven't got much sympathy for the banksters, I must admit to being very interested to see how they're going to try to get out of this one!

Some useful info gleaned from the book:




It will be interesting to see whether the collapse of the fiat currency system actually helps the human race out of its present debt-induced stupor. Let's hope so!

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