Saturday, May 28, 2011

QE3 or Pull The Plug?

Here's a segment of a radio interview on the Bob Chapman show, in which the interviewer says he met a guy who worked for one of the big three banks, who told him that they're going to pull the plug (on the global economy i.e. crash the banks, systemic bank failure) in September or October this year. This makes sense as the perfect 'problem-reaction-solution' scenario, and there will be chaos, out of which order - their long-planned New World Order - will not only be brought in, but we'll be begging for it to be brought in.

Oh well, I suppose that's a definition of a phyrric victory:

PS I am well aware, of course, that this could be a hoax, but I thought it was worth posting, as it does tie in with a lot of other information I'm reading, and somehow it rings true. You decide.

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