Thursday, May 19, 2011

Webster Tarpley

This week is an excellent politico-historic summary of what is happening in the Middle East at the moment. As mentioned before, Michael Ruppert predicted the destabilisation of Pakistan years ago, all because of strategic energy reserves, and Webster reiterates that here. The Anglo-US alliance (otherwise known as NATO for the moment) do not want China to get their hands on the oil to come out of the ME and head across Pakistan to China, via the Gwadar pipeline. The same reasoning is behind the bombing of Libya, into which China has pumped millions of dollars of investment recently.

I studied this during my International Relations degree, back in 1991 (as well as the history of Iraq, with its oil reserves) and it's now becoming blindingly obvious that this is what is going on: the mad scramble for the easy-to-access crude oil reserves together with a demand-destruction effort, oiled by (excuse the pun) the threat of terrorism and all that extra security. It's a wonder to me that more people cannot see it for what it is, but I think the white-supremacist knee-jerk racist reaction is strong, and was predicted by the elite long ago. Divide and rule is all too easy, unfortunately:

BTW, I do not like or trust Phil Berg, interviewed in the middle of this interview, and although the Obama birth certificate is an important issue, I believe Mr Berg has another agenda and serves another country, so his views must be listened to with scepticism.

I'm also a tad surprised that Tarpley doesn't see eye-to-eye with Ron Paul, as the latter is surely one of the few good guys on the US politcial scene, but then again Webster has always been an old socialist who wants the Government to fund huge infrastructure projects, even if they end up leading to no-where, whereas Ron Paul is more for cutting Govt. funding and therefore interference in the economy. Both sides deserve to be listened to, and it's surely a more interesting debate than the war-war talk of the current political paradigm. Obviously Palin, Trump etc are there just to distract the masses.

NB: And here, bang on target, is exactly what Webster predicted in this week's show, a lamestream-media item on Osama 'speaking from the grave'............designed to continue to scare us all (well, at least those without the ability to think critically):

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