Thursday, May 26, 2011

Women With Balls - Cynthia McKinney

What an incredible woman she is! As I have mentioned, I do not like Alex Jones, but unfortunately for me, he has some of the most interesting guests, and a lot of truth on his show. Here the wonderful Cynthia is interviewed, while she is in Libya, being bombed by NATO and it's 'humanitarian mission'. Please listen carefully to the words she says, because you will not hear a person with more integrity in the whole of the US Administration. I hope she stays safe. Check out her views on Robin Cook, another conspiracy that as been doing the rounds for years, more-or-less confirmed by her here, that he was killed by the élite:

'The Libyans are undeterred'.

Long live freedom and truth. Also, please note what she says about the pressure being put on her, early on in her political career, by AIPAC.

This woman is my hero.

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