Monday, October 31, 2016

Bringing It All Together

OK, so here we have history in the making, and we're living through it (most people asleep, of course, never mind). Hitlery goes under the bus, just by exposing all of the filth that has enabled her and her husband to hold high office for a few decades.

Usual question: cui bono?

The International Banking Interests look to be taking the upper hand, and can now move forward with their global intentions: Trump in as President, steered (by his advisors, of course!) towards re-building the US and reducing US presence in the world, the subsequent reduction of NATO, a "much more stable multi-polar world".....

Yeah, right!

So, us grown ups can see the (pretty obvious) macro-managing of the global economy. The US elections are obviously theatre, the real movements have come in the financial world: the Chinese Yuan is now part of the IMF's SDR basket, reducing the British Pound and not the US Dollar (!), the big banking interests are pretty obviously controlling the 'Chinese' banks (even Prof Chossudovsky confirms this in his interview in my last post), and so we'll move towards:

* a consolidation of banking interests into five or six major banks (others will 'go bust/collapse');
* the disappearance of cash and cheque books "ooohh, terrorists, you see?";
* the morphing of bank buildings into caf├ęs, shops etc - to be leased from the owners, bien sur!;
* the increase of local taxes etc, for Joe Public "to pay for all the re-building necessary";
* control of Politicians will continue unchanged, with a slow emergence of more 'honest' folk;
* long-hidden secret technology will be slowly released to heal the planet;
* the Bankers will disappear into the night, live from their rents, in their castles with the collective cry in case any fingers are pointed:

"What, what, we ain't done nuffink!"

Hats off, I suppose, for pulling it off. Pity about the bloodshed, and the superiority complex of this Tribe, which may - just may - come back to bite them.

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