Sunday, October 23, 2016

International Banking Interests vs. The American Establishment

 Here's an interesting exchange in the Comments' section of one of JC's posts, echoing my doubts too about Trump. You gotta admit, the IBI have it covered, either way!

Jeremy Moore
I guess I’m a minority here, but tell me again why I should believe Trump is this maverick outsider when you yourself did a piece on how Trump is beholden to the Rothschild banking empire (the real puppeteer)?
Furthermore, why should I believe that any meaningful change will occur considering the obviousness that our House and Congress are both bought and paid for. Voting is a cult ritual, just like saying the pledge or standing for an anthem. “The State” is the cult and its’ so far removed from what we have been told it is that it defies logic to assume “America will be great again”.
Indeed there seems to be a whole lot of cognitive dissonance going round, but its not just limited to the Liberal left.

The international banking interests, represented now in America by Trump, are in the process of minimizing the American establishment it helped build up over the last 100 years. It will happen through an election process or war. I vote for election process. The American establishment doesn’t seem that interested in relinquishing all of the power which was given to it through the international role of the USD.

Me: difficult to see who is more evil! Both parties, of course, but only one side will be subjected to the coming trials, maybe to suffer the gallows, as Clinton has recently said.

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