Sunday, October 23, 2016

EROI as Karma for the IBI?

Here's another explanation of EROI, although it's probably too late to do anything about it - we collectively made our choices decades ago: whether to live a sustainable life or throw caution to the wind and borrow from tomorrow. Well, the reckoning is here, and it might be amusing to see the aforementioned International Banking Interests get stuck with their very own Karma, for all of their hubris.

As Steve says, if there is a secret source of  'free energy', it'll stay secret = collapse; if there isn't = collapse.

Can the IBI pull a rabbit out of the hat? They're playing a nail-biting game here if they do have any hidden secrets, but I suspect that they'll be scrabbling for the lifeboats, like the rest of us, offering worthless dollars (or silver coins?)....

NB I must confess to a raised eyebrow when he recommends buying mining stocks - after all that he'd just said, what good would they do you?! 

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