Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who's Buying Gold and Silver?

Well apart from the SLA (that's us!) it appears from this interview that it was not the Central Banks (until recently), and that they are fighting this move to a gold-backed global currency 'tooth-and-nail'. This answers one of my outstanding questions, about whether the Central Banks (read the Bad Guys) are pushing this in through the back door.

It appears not, so maybe there is a cavalry after all, and ties in with the BRICS info (see previous posts). It will pay you to listen to this interview with one of the experts in the field of precious metals, Mike Maloney:

This man, Hugo Salinas of Mexico, is apparently one of the independent people trying to bring this in. I hope he doesn't have a small 'plane:

Looks like Benjamin Fulford isn't mad after all. I'm feeling perkier already!

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