Friday, August 26, 2011

Alan Greenspan

Here he lets drop that he`s trying to crash the dollar-based global currency. As predicted a while ago, he`s been working for years on bringing in this global currency, and the NWO. We are entering end-game here, and unfortunately it seems we`re going to be entering the David Icke prediction phase of `Problem - Reaction - Solution`.

Everyone will be so shocked by the crash of the fiat money system, and so unprepared, and so lost, that everyone will be begging for `them` to do something - and like a magician pulling a rabbit out of the hat, they`ll be able to say "here`s one we planned earlier". The hope of a benign dictatorship is our last hope:

PS Either all of the above, or it`s the BRICS who are turning his hand, esp. after Putin called the US economy a parasite. I really cannot make up my mind, hoping it`s the latter but feeling it`s the former. Time will tell, and soon too.

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