Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Riots, Rioters and Rioting

This comment was left on a thread on the Max Keiser website, and I thought it was beautifully succinct:

"A lot of supposedly reasonable and principled people have said thieves and arsonists should be shot if intercepted attempting the crime. Or, if I remember correctly, the same applies to those attempting to assault or batter peaceful others.

These people have been robbed by F.I.R.E. Their economy, their educations, job opportunities, health services, sanitation, decent security, social support. Their pensions, their homes and living conditions have been progressively stolen from them and thrown in the F.I.R.E. Those in and on the unfortunate shops have also profited by it. The loot was stashed in bloated “real-”estate. Their homes were bought with the misery and blood of the less fortunate.

They are – mindlessly, or not – visiting retribution upon the symbols of those who gain aand profit from their destitution. From their daily and constant grinding humailiation, at the hands of authority of all sorts, for not being “necessary”, “good enough”, “worthy”, “in enough”, “connected” enough. For not being one of the ever fewer and and ever more sparse “chosen few” – “chosen” by ever more vague and vain caprice. For having the world thrown in their faces, and being told “not for the likes of you”.

They know who turns the screws. Who rivets the shackles. Who steps on them. Who picks their pockets while the rapists go about theirs. That stings. And festers. And when the boil starts to burst, it knows exactly where to run.

It is ugly. And individually unjust. And unfair. And mindless. And cruel. But, it is nothing but “immediate Dharma”. The looted, go looting in turn. Those, whose living and futures have been burned, visit (very minor) retribution upon those that got tipped for holding the greater arsonists’ coats, before.

Their grievances are more that just. Their resentment, more than justifiable. In order to achieve justice and forgiveness, the wrong must be set right. The error must be corrected. Or everyone end up blind and toothless.

But, the original wrong done, the original damage, was wrought against them – the rioters, and theirs. It, the original wrong done, the original damage, must be appropriately redeemed. I seem to remember there were some Biblical reccomendations to that effect."

And here's the link to the Max article - watch and learn:

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