Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Drugs Wars

As some people know by now, the biggest TBTF banks are held up by money-laundering money from drugs. See recent revelations about HSBC on this blog, and elsewhere. As some people know the production of heroin was almost eliminated by the Taliban in Afghanistan before the invasion, whereupon it escalated sharply, and now produces most of the world's heroin. As some people know, the British played a pivotal and sinister role in the Opium wars with China. As some people know, the mayhem that is being played out in Mexico, with drug gangs and regular murders, has strong links to Wall Street. As some people know, despite the overwhelming Western media propaganda blitz, Iran is not the demon it is made out to be.

Here is an interesting article, on a real effort to tackle the trafficking of drugs:

Wonder if this story will make it to the MSM?

The other drugs war:

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