Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quantum Grammar

Every now and again you come across something so profound, so earth-shattering and so true that it blows your mind. This doesn't happen often. However, whilst listening to this Seminar by David Wynn Miller about a secret language that has been used for centuries to enslave us, I knew that here we are getting to the crux of the problem that has kept us 'conspiracy theorists' (who used to be called investigative journalists) awake at night. It's possible that he's a fraud, but for the moment I'm willing to put this out there:


Part 2:


It's all about how you express yourself, and apparently you can force a Judge to dismiss any case against you by using this language 'Parse-syntax-grammar'. Here is a quote from his website:

' QUANTUM-LANGUAGE-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR is the Correct Language, as it is based on fact. There is no ambiguity with anything Quantum, it is purely Mathematical. Have you ever thought of Language being Mathematical?'


Here's a reply I received from a fellow blogger, regarding this subject:
@Susan, I like the quantum grammar and he was definitely right about a lot of stuff especially how this effects an elite use of the law. I watched some later stuff though he did and it started to sound like disinfo so I don’t really know. I think he has some good info.
When he talks about prepositional grammar and it’s use in law he means the difference between expressing a fact and expressing opinion. A preposition is just positioning in a sentence Eg; For, Under, Besides, On, Etc. In medieval times you had charges laid out like this as in, “For unlawful carnal knowledge”. This clearly show a preposition in relation to an offence as fact. If it can be proven then it’s a factual offence it can be punished under the law enforced by the church.
What they have done under maritime law (The current commerce law we have now), is to get rid of prepositional grammar in charges. You now have charges such as “Breach of the peace”, Possessing controlled substances with the intent to supply”. These are not prepositional * and are therefore in the realm of opinion. Because they use maritime law, they operate in the realm of contract and commerce under legislation. They simply don’t need to state facts.
*Please note: The only preposition in this charge occurs after the verb, adjective and noun. To be prepositional law the prep MUST be at the beginning.
In the language of the law society they have different definitions for ordinary english words For instance the word “Summons” means “Invitation”. In the summons it will say the state versus your title. The state is not the nation. It is the privately owned vessel under maritime law you know as a court. To prosecute you they have to get you to state your title which is a contractual legal fiction and not you as in the man or the woman. Then they tell you something and ask if you understand If you acknowledge that you do what you have just agreed to do is “Stand under” in legalese.
This is why the facts of the charges against you do not really matter. You have turned up on a voluntary basis, identified yourself as your title and agreed to “stand under”. All that’s left to do is to prosecute you for trespass and set the compensation you owe them.
This is the con game they have been playing for centuries. The guy in the vid was mostly looking at emtimology which means the origins and histories of words.
The law starts in clay tablets in cuneiform. It’s basically church law from Babylon. Then later it moves to Rome and is in classical Latin (as was the bible for 1,000 years). It was word tricks all the way. It’s easy to fool an illiterate trusting peasantry which is why they could get away with it for so long. Now the internet reformation has ruined their schemes.'


Interesting, huh?

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