Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Global Gold-Backed Currency System

Whether you believe in the 'Sheriff from the East', the 'Road-to-Roota' or the 'Protocols of the Elders' theory, here is concrete proof that this system is not only being thought and talked about behind closed doors, but it is ready to be implemented. The only doubt left in my mind now is: is it going to be run by the same old banking families who already run the world's financial system? Unfortunately I think this is the case - and all of the QE and currency wars have been a hegelian-dialectic operation to get us begging for this solution, but a small corner of my heart hopes this will really be change we can believe in!

The problem, of course, as outlined by Bill Still and a few others, is that those who own the gold will make the rules. Anyway, well worth a read:,%20the%20renminbi%20and%20the%20multi-currency%20reserve%20system.pdf

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