Monday, March 6, 2017

Good Guys vs. Bad Guys?

Here's a comment I wrote on jsnip4's post in his interview with Bix Wier:
'You'll think I'm a troll, but there is another way to understand everything that's happening, and it ain't pretty! Instead of good guys vs bad guys, faction A vs faction B, what's so hard to understand about the bad guys (in the Tribe at the top of the banking world) finally deciding to remove the whole layer below them who fell into the honey traps? Makes much more sense, and fits with evidence: Epstein caught Clinton and Prince Andrew, Mossad run Wikileaks, Rothschilds print Economist cover, so-called Alien technology could easily be stolen Telsa technology, worked on in secret in Antarctica since WWII by the bad guys, etc, etc. Much, much more logical than Greenspan coming to our rescue, more likely that he is now pulling the plug because his Tribe got their hands on 85% of the gold. Greenspan was a fan of Ayn Rand, who was a racist bigot. Look it up!'
NB I said the same to Bix, but didn't get a reply.


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    1. Sorry, typos. I'll try again... Hmmm - I think jsnip4 is young and still a bit naïve, and I typically just watch his videos to get synopses of worthwhile articles while I'm doing something else...Anyway - it appears that your FB account disappeared - I tried to post you something about Palestine and got 'not found'. 'Disputed' news again? I'm actually amazed they haven't deleted me lately...

  2. Here it is:

  3. Well thanks for that - wouldn't that be nice! Trouble is, with financial weapons of mass destruction available to the Tribe, great nations can be left in the dust without firing a shot. Israel's involvement in Syria, with ISIS, is obviou to anyone who thinks, but not to the 98% who rely on the MSM.
    Also, I'm working on a hypothesis that Clif High is a very, very sophisticated psyop, using aliens to distract, but I'm getting flak on his twitterfeed! I don't buy this 'Faction A vs. Faction B narrative: too convenient!

  4. Agreed jsnip is naïve: I think he's being played by CH and Bix Wier, who have 'befriended' him (useful idiot with followers). He means well but doesn't have a global perspective.

  5. But it's very inconvenient to explain this earth situation or almost impossible without aliens participating, isn't it? We need at least giants.. But I (again) agree with you, I don't trust CH either, well I don't know him much but anybody who support Trump is stupid, if not worshipping the gods.