Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Words of Wisdom

Which will only be listened to when it is far, far too late. The MSM did a fantastic job a few decades ago of trashing this man's reputation and career, so he is not taken seriously by vast swathes of the public who prefer to believe in the BBC. Here is a compilation of his work, including explaining very cogently the scam of fractional reserve banking, including naming names. Plus he covers the paedogate story that is still loudly being discussed in the blogosphere today:

A friend asked me why he talked about reptilians all those years ago and it's something I can't explain except to think that his was his 'out' in order not to be sacrificed by being 'suicided', like so many others who try to tell the truth. Maybe the word 'reptilian' is a cover word for something else - but in his books he very clearly makes the links between the old Royal families, etc. He names names too, but is anyone listening? We knew from this man over ten years ago that ex-Prime Minister Ted Heath was a serious paedophile. This news has recently come out in the Daily Mail, more than a decade later, and is too late for Ted Heath's victims.


  1. MSM are just satanic slaves and so many people still believe everything what they say!!
    I don't understand with all huge pro Assad demonstrations every where in Syria, people still believe Assad is killing his people...
    All the proofs that US, UK, France etc.. are the terrorists, they still believe that the US is a peace maker. Have you seen this? Spokes man says clearly they funded 23,000,0000 USD to white helmets!
    White helmets are wonderful, however its leader is suspect ,

    BTW, talking about reptilians, do you still have a book I gave you a long ago? They talk about reptilians and bird people even before David Ick .
    So, you believe in Extra/inter terrestrials and Giants now?

  2. Hi! No, I'm still very, very skeptical about Aliens etc - I think it's another scam for the Controllers to get more control, but I'm keeping an open mind. I do still have the book - I need a proper Winter to read properly...

  3. I agree with you, most alien stories are scams, grey aliens, for example. I heard that they are AI. We are not supposed to know about real aliens of course. But, when you see all the puppet politicians in the world, who are behind? Please name it. Who could control all the humanity? Do you think there exist some super smart human or human group who control all the puppets? I don't think so. There must have some non human beings behind. And the technologies, Do you really think we, human created them all? I don't think so. From whom Hitler got all super technologies in such a short time? I heard all the technologies we have now come from there. And how Nicola Tesla got that super technology?
    And why we see dragons and bird people everywhere in the world? Even Nahon told me the other day, dragons must have existed...:-)
    What about Cern? And portals in the world?