Tuesday, March 14, 2017

SDR = White Rabbit

Unashamedly lifted from a comment on the 'philosophyofmetrics' site, this explanation probably explains how the Banksters are going to pull the next rabbit out of the hat:

'When interest rates increase, the share of federal expenditures to pay interest on the $20B debt will naturally increase. That leaves less dollars for the military buildup, and, since there isn’t a lot of discretionary expenditures to cut, means either higher taxes or continued massive deficits. With higher taxes unlikely, that leaves more deficit spending. The Fed has been buying up treasuries in QE, in part I suppose, to soften the blow. What many do not understand is that when the Fed owns government debt, the interest earned in “excess” of their operating costs is returned to the Treasury. Yeah. But with QE tapering, that means that someone else will have to buy newly issued government debt.

Here’s where PoM’s thesis of the SDR provides the only plan I can see that makes sense of all this. If holders of sovereign debt are offered SDRs in exchange for that debt, they “cash out” of the debt without crashing any currencies. So the IMF buys Japanese debt, buys American debt, it buys British and Euro country debts, it buys Chinese debt and issues newly created SDRs. If done rapidly, the new currency regime basically solves the global debt crisis in one fell swoop. But more than that, with massive debts basically written off of sovereign balance sheets, it enables a massive wave of new debt issuance. Say what you will about whether debt is good or bad, one thing we know, when lots of new debt is being issued, it stimulates the economy.

The ONLY way to solve a debt crisis is to wipe away debts. This is done by bankruptcy or jubilee. The SDR thesis seems to suggest that a global debt jubilee is planned and positioned. But what, WHAT will be the catalyst? Something big has to happen to create the cover story, give rise to the demand for a solution (thesis, antithesis per prior PoM writing). Anyone have the inside scoop on what’s in the plans? Was 2008 a test-run?'


Me: My assertion years ago to JC that these were mostly odious debts was not accepted, but if you read 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman' you can quite plainly see how we got here. The SDR is just the latest scam which leaves sovereign nations as helpless as endebted people. The choice is: accept our offer or lose your house'.

Great choice!


  1. "When interest rates increase, the share of federal expenditures to pay interest on the $20B debt will naturally increase. That leaves less dollars for the military buildup..."

    Think about how naive that is.

    If you read "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" you will see that the standard IMF protocol is to overindebt countries with wild projections of growth and then pillage the resources when the promises never materialize. So the US must be different. Well, why? Because it’s got too little resource wealth to pillage? It’s people aren’t in enough debt yet? Please.

    Trump is an expert at managing bankruptcies. Wilbur Ross is Rothschild bankruptcy expert. Mnuchin is a foreclosure expert. His labor guy Puzder was a mob lawyer who defended union pension raiders. The US is being turned into a third-world country. It's already happening. The SDR will allow that to continue and consolidate the bankers' control at the same time.

  2. I think we're on the same page, actually. The USA economy is being reduced, using Trump, and the SDR will take over as the global reserve currency. That way other Nations with $$ can trade them in for a share of the SDR pie. Perhaps gold-backed, which would explain the gold going to China & Russia (not forgetting Kissinger flitting to and fro between these countries. A long-planned transition is taking place. Lots of distractions to keep us looking the other way.