Thursday, March 23, 2017

Who Are the Real Terrorists?

Confused? Angry? Full of fear and hate? Want to know who are the real terrorists? Want to know what's really going on, how we got to this stage in human history, who made the big decisions, who influenced or was influenced by the decision-making processes, post WWII?

Spoiler alert: it ain't the Muslims:

I have hardly ever heard such cogent, clear and honest explanations of the moves made by the real criminals. I suppose she wears a bullet-proof vest?

Please listen five times and take notes!

NB She hints at the fact that there is no more money in the US kitty, as the debt-ceiling has been reached (again) and no-one wants to lend to the USA anymore, so we can expect more shenanegans like we saw in London yesterday, in order to deflect attention from the Bankers when the whole financial house of cards comes down in the months to come. She predicts by the end of the year.

 Her comments on 911 and JFK are priceless. What a hero!

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