Thursday, March 31, 2011

Admiral Thad Allen

Well, well, well! It's amazing what you find when you turn over a few stones. Whilst doing some research on the earthquake, Tsunami and subsequent nuclear power station accident, I was led back to the earthquake in New Zealand.

It turns out that the same US Admiral who oversaw the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and who was also involved in the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill, was also in New Zealand with 8 US Congressmen, and left just before the earthquake hit. He now works for the Rand Corporation (more on that later) and is an expert in - get this - weather warfare!

Also, just after the earthquake in New Zealand, a group of lawyers wrote an open letter, saying how worried they were about the response to the earthquake, as it opened the road to fascism! Truth getting much stranger than fiction now, folks, and I certainly wouldn't have turned this information up without some digging:

NB Scroll down to comments for the open letter, signed by legal scolars.

Here he is interviewed about Hurricane Katrina, where he reports a lot of E-Coli in the water, and that he doesn't want the residents repopulating the town too soon...

And here, much to my incredulity, is an article about the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill, which interviews both Matt Simmons (oil industry expert who died mysteriously) and......Adm. Thad Allen - and they're discussing using the nuclear solution to seal the Deepwater Horizon 'accident':

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