Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Love Police

This is Part 2 of 'People Power', with a few people now starting to wake up to what is going on. Charlie of the Love Police has a blog (below) and by coincidence, at the moment has a letter to him there from a person who has just come back from Palestine. The writer documents what I also saw and experienced, and what I believe we will all be subjected to, if we continue to accept and allow it.

Anyway Charlie of the Love Police is trying to get a movement going in the UK where people stop paying their mortgages, stop paying credit cards bills, taxes, etc. All of this as a non-violent protest movement to show that we do not agree with what is happening in the world - violence and wars funded by banks, for bankers. Good luck with that Charlie, as my recent UK trip showed me that most British people are still completely asleep when it comes to the economic reality of the country:

Also, this blog from a Canadian who is sick of the violence he saw at the G20 protests in Toronto, who is also encouraging non-violent civil disobedience:

He says 'we are on the cusp on something huge'.........and I agree with him! Now is the time, this is the moment!

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