Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Michael Ruppert

I have been following this man for well over ten years, when he had a blog called 'From the Wilderness'. He now has a new blog (with a lot of history in between!) called ''. He's written a book I highly recommend, called 'Crossing the Rubicon' which he wrote also over a decade ago, and much of what he predicted has come to pass.

Understanding where we are today is about understanding several things: energy; consumption; resources; politics and psychology, amoungst other things. He got it right back then, and those of us who listened and read his work are much better prepared than most to face the on-coming storm. I feel sorry for those people who are going to get caught up in the storm through no fault of their own, but to all of those who have been willfully living beyond their means and being profligate with the planet's resources - well, you had it coming, and it's coming.

Put simply, it is not/was not possible to live the Western lifestyle for more than a few decades, and without any people in positions of authority who have spines, guts and determination, we were always heading for this moment. Unfortunately, it is a truism that those people who should be in politics are not, whilst those who seek power, fame and fortune rise to the top and fight to the death to try to stay there.

Here is Michael's latest podcast, on a weekly show with the Progressive Radio Network, where he sets out where we're at:

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