Saturday, March 19, 2011

Max Keiser

I first came across Max Keiser a couple of years ago, and have followed his website avidly since then. He's an ex-market trader who apparently defected to the other side, and now spends his time working for Russian and Iranian media outlets, trying to bring the dollar down, and doing a fine jobs of exposing the myths and lies behind the Federal Reserve.

So far, so good. Now comes the intrigue: a while ago Max and his partner Stacy started talking about AGW (anthropomorphic global warming - i.e. we dunnit) and saying that it was cheap credit that was fuelling (excuse the pun) the destruction of the planet and the heating up of the atmosphere. I agree with the first assertion, but not the second, as do many others.

The pair will not entertain any negations of this theory, and to be fair it is their site, and they can say and do what they like, but unfortunately any intelligent attempts to disagree with their opinions get short shrift, even though they are not scientists. Commenters have pointed out that other planets in the solar system are also heating up, 'climategate' has revealed that many scientists have been inventing data, global geo-engineering experiements (to alter the climate) are real but ignored by the financial duo, and even though a fine representation of 'chemtrails' appears behind Max as a subliminal message all the time, he will not talk about it. Justifiable comments about HAARP, in trying to explain the AGW theory, are ignored or deleted.

Now add to this financial intrigue: Max has been advising everyone to buy silver as a way of bringing down one of the biggest banks, JPMorgan Chase, as they have more short positions than there is silver available, and apparently this action can make the bank unable to cover its position. No problem here, either: we have our kilo of silver, FWIW, and would love to bring down an obviously corrupt institution as much as the next man.

Here's where it gets murky: last year (2010) a story appeared about an ex Goldman Sachs employee (another one of the mega-banks run by a criminal cartel) named Andrew Maguire, saying he was about to expose the huge manipulation in the precious metals markets, letting everyone know it was a rigged game. A lot of us know this already, but any extra exposé for this group of criminals would be welcome. Before this AM could give his exposé at a London Conference he was apparently injured in a hit-and-run accident, had a gag-order placed on him and then disappeared.

Max and Stacy both say they had dinner with the mystery trader, and other financial pundits also confirm his existence (Bill Murphy, Paul Coghlan). A few other people in the know about the manipulation of the PM markets have now started to step up and say 'where is this guy/who is this guy/how do we know this is true, etc'. Here's one of the more eloquent doubters, called Rawdoglet:

Plus an engagingly enigmatic You Tuber called the Silverfuturist wades in:

Rather than it just being a case of a few minor disagreements about how to fight the massive corruption at the top of the pyramid (sic), this issue seems to expose a deeper agenda. Add to this the fact that many political and historical pundits are calling the North African 'revolutions' CIA coloured revolutions, while Max insists it's people power alone; add to this the fact that the fearless fighter will not go near the research of 911 by respected physicist Dr Judy Wood (comments are removed) and you end up having a real spider's web of truths, half-truths, information, misinformation and lies.

Finally, Max is keen on bringing down the dollar, and is backing a gold-backed (or at least PM-backed) currency. The trouble is, this is the same agenda as Alan Greenspan and other members of the criminal cabal, and seems to fit right in there with the oft-mentioned globalists goal of a global currency, in the form of IMF Special Drawing Rights or another World Bank-promoted basket of currencies.

So here is the question: is he one of the good guys, fighting the good fight, or is he working to a hidden agenda trying to bring in global governance by the back door, by crashing the existing global currency which is, of course, the dollar reserve? I can understand that the printing of digits on computer screens by the Fed and the Ben Bernank, (the so-called quantitative easing) is going to devalue everything, and cannot go on forever without imploding the system under a mountain of debt, but I cannot get a handle on Max's real agenda, and this Maguire story unfortunately just muddies the waters even further. Any further thoughts on this very welcome.

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