Monday, March 28, 2011


There has been a rumour going around the blogosphere for a few years that the real rulers of the world are eugenicists - that is to say that they are deliberately trying to cause chaos, wars, destruction, ill-health and poverty. I have read quite a bit about it, but have just put it to the back of my mind, as something to watch out for, to see if any proof surfaces.

Well of course the last decade or so could be called an agenda of sorts, with mayhem in every part of the globe, and such little action taken to improve matters. Poverty could easily be eradicated with the wider redistribution of wealth, for example, there is no excuse at all for anyone to go to bed hungry, there is the possibility of clean drinking water for everyone. So increasingly it begins to look like the elite do not want these improvements to come about. When you add to this the abysmal state of education, and now the draconian austerity measures, the theory of eugenics starts to look like part of that agenda. And then, hey-ho, a letter from a US President surfaces, dated 1913 (same year the Federal reserve was created), and here it is below:

I'll be posting some more about eugenics, now that this has surfaced.

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