Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've mentioned before about Tesla, and his research on anti-gravity technology. There is a lot of military research going on in this field, and therefore it's a murky world of intrigue, but there are scientists who think it is either still possible to have free energy, or that it is already possible.

One of the early promoters of the Tesla technology is John Hutchison, and here I accidentally came across the fact that he's selling his lab on e-bay!! Blimey, maybe someone put the mockers on him:

Also, here an interview with Paul A LaViolette, a physicist who contends here that free enrgy is possible, and that there is a lot more new technology which is kept under wraps:

Finally, Dr Judy Wood is proposing on her website that Directed Energy Weapons (using Tesla technology) are what brought down the twin towers. Don't dismiss it unless you've studied it, especially if you're not a scientist:

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