Thursday, February 14, 2013

All Wars are Bankers' Wars

Pretty obvious once you understand how it works. It's child's play, as the majority seem to worship 'money', not understanding that money isn't wealth. This article, despite all the ads on the sides, and once you scroll down, is well worth the read if you want to understand history:

'But understand this above all; Private Central Banks do not exist to serve the people, the community, or the nation. Private Central Banks exist to serve their owners, to make them rich beyond the dreams of Midas and all for the cost of ink, paper, and the right bribe to the right official. 

Behind all these wars, all these assassinations, the hundred million horrible deaths from all the wars lies a single policy of dictatorship. The private central bankers allow rulers to rule only on the condition that the people of a nation be enslaved to the private central banks. Failing that, said ruler will be killed, and their nation invaded by those other nations enslaved to private central banks'


Here it is in podcast form, well worth a listen:

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