Thursday, February 28, 2013

Transcendent Man

I've written about Ray Kurzweil before - years ago when I lived in Belluno - and his 'singularity' quest - to merge man and machine - seems to be achieving some sort of acceptance. Also called 'transhumanism', it is a theory that we have almost completed the back-engineering of the human brain, and we are ready to move forward as a species by absorbing computers into our lives and bodies.

This could be what Catherine Austin Fitts refers to as the 'breakaway civilisation', as it's sure that this technolgy will not be available for everyone. Just the self-appointed élite, you understand. Here's a trailer about Mr Kurzweil's new film:

Personally I think he is part of the insane élite, too far removed from humanity with a complete lack of empathy or conscience. Here's an earlier film:

And a talk by Ray Kurzweil:

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