Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Human Bubble

I have never bought in to the 'over-population' theory, believing instead that there is no excuse at all to human poverty and environmental degradation except greed, but here Gregory Mannorino expains how the deliberately-created debt bubble is going to affect the human population world-wide, as the implosion of said bubble will have an almost immediate effect on already-scarce resources. The supermarkets have been central to this plan, with their just-in-time distribution policy, and I have also recently noticed a re-building of the 'defences' of these mega-buildings, with no windows on the ground floor, a very small (easy-closed) door and occasionally masses of concrete in the guise of a car-park in front of the building (to prevent ram-raiding).

You've got to hand it to these globalists, they've thought of everything. Next time you're in a major European city, take a look at the municipal buildings - it's the same story, with slits for windows on the ground floor, 'security' fences or walls, ubiquitous cameras and often over-hanging first floors, which presumably would prevent people from scaling the walls to the first floor. The designers and architects of these builders knew that in the pretty-near future something would be coming down the pipe which would make the population very, very angry. Luckily for them most people in the West are living in some fantasy land where they assume the Government will protect them. I have never laboured under this illusion, and pretty soon I think we're all going to see why:


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