Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Anti-Gravity Technology

I have written posts about Mr Keshe before - an Iranian physicist who claims to have pioneered a source of free energy, and wants to make it available to all. According to him, this has given TPTB heart tremors, as it could shake the whole foundations of their web of control, almost completely weaved around us now. I listen to him with an open mind, not understanding a lot of it, but it does seem logical to me that we should have moved on from the dirty and fuel-hungry technology of the internal combustion engine. Here is a recent telephone conference in London:


As you listen to this, remind yourself that Iran recently shot down another drone above their territory, and NO country has claimed that it was theirs! It's worth doing some independent research on this, including the first drone shot down by Iran last year.

Here is his Foundation's website:


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