Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Geopolitics from an Islamic Perspective

Here's a scholar whom I listen to from time to time: Sheikh Imran Hosein. I greatly appreciate his entirely different perspective on what is happening in the Middle East. According to him, in this recent interview, NATO's (for NATO read the Anglo-American-Israeli empire) objectives are: to split up Algeria, Libya and Egypt into smaller more manageable states, in order to be able to manage the resources of oil & gas, and to advance towards a biblical prophecy of having a greater Israel, from the Suez Canal to the Euphrates.

His assertions sound entirely realistic to me, after having watched the manufactured up-risings of the 'Arab Spring' (which unfortunately has many Westerners believing that they were 'home-grown') and the brutal and bloody invasions of Libya and now Mali. Time is on Israel's side, he asserts, as he predicts a Third World War:


I admire his intellect, but I hope he's wrong.

He mentions 'Gog and Magog'. Here's an explanation, although I'm aware that Wiki is perhaps not the best source!:


Chambers Dictionary: 'eschatology':

n the doctrine of the last or final matters, such as death, judgement and the state after death (Gr escatos last, and logos a discourse).

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