Friday, February 22, 2013

Silver Manipulation Explained

Here's one of the best explanations I've yet heard about the blatant manipulation of the price of silver. As he explains, 'open outcry' (the trading pit where men in coats make bids on behalf of clients) represents not even 1% of trading, the rest being taken up by computers - or algorythmic trading, as it's called. He explains (and this is commonly quoted elsewhere) that there is more volume traded in one day or hour than is actually mined in one year, thereby telling us definitively that this is price manipulation, not price discovery.

So now we know how, we're just not quite sure why yet. Many people say it's to keep the price of the dollar high, but others say it's to keep the stock market up until TPTB decide it's time to 'pull it', if you'll excuse the reference to Larry Silverstein!

Is the coming market crash an accident, or an engineered event, brought about in order to have us begging for their solution, the gold-backed global currency? Hegelian dialectic indeed! One question for non conspiracy-theorists: if it's not an engineered event, how can this exact scenario have been anticipated well over ten years ago?

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